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Mommy Brain is…oh wait, what did I log onto my computer to do? Oh yeah, I wanted to write an article about mothers experiencing memory loss known as Mommy Brain.


In general, the signs and symptoms include:

Experiencing sleep deprivation;

Wondering why you walked into a room;

Forgetting where you put your car keys or other items;

Overloading your brain cells with feeding schedules and doctors appointments.


Mommy Brain occurs when women deliver a baby, although there have been reported cases in pregnant women.


A proven treatment of Mommy Brain is writing shopping lists and stocking up on supplies, such as Scott bath tissue and Scott paper towels.


When I first became a mother, I could no longer run out in the middle of the night to pick up these items. One night when I babysat my two nephews, my sister had to send a roll of Scott in their suitcase. She’s a loyal Scott Toilet Paper customer, since her plumber recommended the brand after her pipes backed up.


Another night, my sister couldn’t come to my rescue. At 4 a.m., my little girl woke up screaming due to teething troubles. I opened the medicine cabinet and realized her medicine was at a relative’s home. So, I bundled up my baby and went to a 24-hour grocery store. Since that night, I decided that I couldn’t let a case of Mommy Brain put me in that predicament again.

So, following doctor’s orders, I headed to Walmart recently to stock up on Scott products–something we always need, especially when my daughter decides to empty a roll into the bathtub.  I have yet to teach her that toilet paper isn’t a toy. We typical use the empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for arts and crafts projects.

Scott2But that’s changing. Potty training plans are underway.  Perhaps we’ll start next month, since June is Potty Training Awareness Month. While at Walmart, I stopped by the potty aisle. I bought Scott Extra Soft a 24 Double Roll package, which is the equivalent to 48 rolls–which is the equivalent of not taking a midnight trip to Walmart for toilet paper!



Although there is not a long-term cure to Mommy Brain, there are short-term solutions, such as Mommy Me time (Note: This is not to be confused with Mommy & Me Time). When your little one is laid down to sleep, give your brain a break by watching a movie that’s isn’t animated. Using a $4 coupon from the Scott products, I logged onto the link to redeem my coupon, entered a code and streamed a new release right to my computer.


The website offers a wide range of titles, including same day DVD releases. I signed up in a matter of minutes and was given the option to buy or rent my movie.  I can also store my titles in what’s called a cloud, or  even convert digital to disc. I liked the convenience of viewing my movie pick on my iPhone, iPad or computer. There’s a feature to connect Vudu to your television, but I needed an immediate Mommy Brain Cure and stuck to something within reach!


At first, I thought about renting Yours, Mine & Ours–a hilarious movie about a blended family of 18 children. Watching the chaos of raising that many kids under one roof would surely make me feel like my job isn’t as hard as I think. But I decided to apply my credit to The Guilt Trip–a new release about a mother and son taking a cross-country trip.  I gave my brain a break and had a few laughs resting on the couch.


Capture4 Mommy Brain is officially healed!

Click here to learn how to redeem your coupon. And to get the latest deals, LIKE Scott Products on Facebook.

Hey DFTM Fam–How do you cure a case of Mommy Brain? Does stocking up on supplies bring you relief?

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4 Responses

  1. Arelis Cintron

    Wow, I think I have Mommy brain 🙁 LOL I have half of those symptoms. Good Luck with Potty Training next month and I hope that 24 pack lasts you til the end of it 🙂

    • firsttimemom

      Thanks! I am stocking up on not only toilet tissue but potty training books as well!

  2. Brandi

    My mommy brain has been replaced with “I work in social media” brain. Trust me, it’s far worse! LOL!

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