By: Shani St. Vil

You’ll spend almost $10,000 on your baby’s first year, according to the thousands of moms who took a recent Baby Center survey. Before you throw your calculator against the wall, read on! One way to cut costs is to breastfeed your baby. Here are 10 surprising savings of breastfeeding.

1. I saved between $1,500-3,000 within the first year of breastfeeding. You can multiply that number if you have multiple kids. I didn’t have to purchase formula, bottles or nipples. Just think–you can jumpstart a college savings fund with that!

2. I lessened my chances of having breast cancer, possibly avoiding high cost of treatments and physician consultations.

3. I may save on tutoring. Breastfeeding encourages brain growth and development in babies. Breastfed babies usually have higher IQs when they grow up compared to infants who were not breastfed. So, straight As here my baby comes!

4. I can skip the Liposuction. Like most breastfeeding moms, I burned 500 calories a day. I also released Oxytocin, a love hormone, which helped my uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size. The hormone is also said to reduce uterine bleeding after birth.With my first son, I gained 45 pounds during the pregnancy, by the time he was six months old, I had lost all of my baby weight.

5. That leads me to number five on this list. I saved money on a gym membership. Even if I had the extra cash, I didn’t have the extra energy to workout!

6. I wasn’t a regular at the pediatrician’s office. Breastfeeding provides protection for your baby against respiratory infections, ear infections, childhood diabetes and certain types of cancers.

7. I cut my dry cleaners’ bill in half. Breast milk doesn’t stain. Some spillage is inevitable, but the good news is that unlike formula, breast milk does not mess up my  clothing or other fabric.

8. I received a tax credit. The IRS recently changed flex spending rules, so breast pumps and related nursing supplies are eligible for tax breaks.

9. I lowered my energy cost. As a breastfeeder, I don’t have to run to the store for more formula, warm up bottles on the stove or run the dishwasher as often.

10. I didn’t pay for a therapist. The bonding that takes place during breastfeeding decreases the impacts of Postpartum depression.

Hey DFTM Fam–Are you saving money by breastfeeding? What other ways are you cutting costs?

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