With more than 15 years of professional writing and broadcasting experience, Heather Hopson helps brands go beyond the traditional means of advertising and connect with women on a more intimate level. Through personal stories, advice and humor, she brings products and services to life. At times, she enlists the help of her family, including her four-year-daughter, 10 and 13-year-old nephews and aunt who is a former preschool teacher featured in an acclaimed Mister Roger’s book. She’s also skilled at crafting fun, learning projects for children. Some of the art projects feature client products! Heather’s readers are also involved and join the conversations. The DFTM community comments on articles and shares the stories through their social media channels.

Heather is available to write sponsored posts, host giveaways, review products, produce videos and promote messages on Diary of a First Time Mom’s website and social media platforms. In addition,  through her company Motor Mouth Multimedia, she can develop and implement comprehensive communications and marketing plans, which include media outreach, video production, Twitter parties, ambassador programs and blogger campaigns.

After obtaining a Journalism degree from Michigan State University, Heather worked as a television reporter, producer and host throughout the United States and overseas. She currently serves as the communications director at a child-advocacy organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, co-chairs a statewide communications workgroup for the Campaign for Fair Education Funding and serves on several committees, including Kidsburgh.


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