Here’s how to be organized and on time.

1. Teach Teamwork

Girl giving dirty dishes to mother

From the time your babies begin to walk, the concept of teamwork can be instilled. They can help you pick up toys, clear the dishes from the dining room table or pack. Assigning or letting a child choose chores instills responsibility and a sense of belonging. Children are very proud of completing tasks. This helps when you’re crunched for time. Since my granddaughter knows the concept of teamwork, when she is struggling to get her shoes and we really need to go,  I say, “Hey, what’s going to work? Teamwork!” With a big smile, her little voice responds, “Let’s do together.”

2. Learn Laundry Skills

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Use one bin for colors, one for whites and one for darks. Place labels of the outside using words and color blocks. Teach your children when they take off their clothes to put them into the proper bins. By two-years-old, my babies knew their colors and had great fun throwing their clothes into the correct bins. Sure my kids made mistakes. Yours will too. But they learned how to help out around the house, which saved time sorting our laundry.

3. Unplug Technology

Log off the computer. As a matter of fact, don’t turn it on in the first place! Checking your Facebook page, sending emails and answering the phone takes up more time than you usually plan. If you must get in tech time, wake up at least thirty minutes early.

4. Plan Ahead


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Things run so much smoother when you plan ahead of time. The last minute rush can be avoided most of the time.

Iron clothes for the week. Personally, I hate ironing. That’s why I would do it in one day. I let me daughter help pick out her outfits for the week, then I spend Sunday ironing them. And if you hang up clothes immediately after drying, you can often skip ironing all together!

Pack lunches the night before and prep breakfast and snacks. Use this meal planner to write out your menu and grocery shopping list.

Designate a spot for your house and car keys–hang a hook next to the front door. Plus, place your bag next to the door. Pack your briefcase, purse or diaper bag in advance.

5. Follow the Plus 20 Rule

Whatever time you need to get ready, add on 20 minutes. If you need to leave the house by 6:20; back it up and set a deadline for six. It’s better to arrive somewhere 20 minutes early with a moment to breathe, than 20 minutes late having to explain your tardiness. This cushion time gives you wiggle room in case your baby has a diaper blowout, your toddler has a temper tantrum or you have an accident and spill coffee on your blouse. Even if you get out of the house on time, you can’t control the traffic. A detour, fender bender or bad weather can strike at any time. And if you struggle getting out of bed in the morning, skip the snooze button! Set the alarm and place your clock on the other side of the room. You can also set a second alarm to go off ten minutes before you should leave the house.

Hey DFTM–What tips would you add to the list to be organized and on time?

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