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Dear Diary,

Throughout my entire life, I’ve been called spoiled. Not the bratty type of spoiled rather the your parents gave you almost everything you wanted definition. I grew up in the suburbs with an abundance of clothes, toys and a car on my 16th birthday. During the school year, I obtained a quality education, and during the summer, I went on out-of-state vacations. My dad always said, I want my children to do better than I did (He considered himself pretty poor as a kid), and I want my grandchildren to be even more well off. We weren’t rich, but compared to the rest of the world, we were pretty fortunate. And my mom always made sure we spread that fortune to others by donating our time and money. My senior year in high school, I wrote and directed the school play and gave the proceeds to the Sickle Cell Foundation and a senior citizens home. I later went on spearhead a host of other civic projects, which led me to my current job–a communications director at a child advocacy organization.

Now that I’m a mom, I want to teach my daughter Caitlynn the importance of giving back. She is fulfilling my dad’s wishes of being more fortunate than her parents and grandparents.

Caitlynn's Birthday 1

This summer, she’ll celebrate her birthday with Minnie Mouse, go on two cruises and return to a top rated preschool. I don’t want her to take any of it for granted. I also want her  to know that your character is more valuable than your bank account. Although my hard work paid off,  she was born into opportunity and got a strong start in life.

Caitlynn's Birthday 2

That isn’t the case for all kids. Unfortunately, a child’s zip code and a parent’s income often determines quality of life. Vitamin Angels is working to change that. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide at-risk mothers and children life-saving vitamins and minerals. In 2014, Vitamin Angels reached 40 million children in 45 countries, and this year, the organization is distributing 300 million vitamins around the world. Caitlynn and I are helping them! We’re not heading overseas. We’re heading to Walgreen’s!

Walgreens 100 Million Reasons Photo

Walgreen’s is teaming up with Vitamin Angels to bring 100 million mothers and children the essential nutrients and vitamins many of us take for granted. When you purchase Centrum multivitamins, Walgreens will donate a portion of your purchase to Vitamin Angels. So, you can help take care of yourself (by taking your vitamins) and take care of others (by helping children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.) In a matter of minutes, your family can give back. Take your little ones to the store, explain how they can help some kids grow up to be healthy and strong and then purchase a bottle of Centrum multivitamins. You’ll also be rewarded for helping others! When you spend $30 or more on eligible Centrum products, you’ll receive 10,000 Balance Rewards points. You can use your social media accounts for social good, and tweet using #100MillionReasons. You can even tag Vitamin Angels and Walgreen’s.

Walgreen's Vitamin Aisle

Walgreen's Vitamin Aisle Close Up

Check out how I’m starting my day by taking my vitamins. Watch the #MomMorning video here.

Vitamins & expresso

Here’s are #100MillionReasons I want Caitlynn to give back. Well, let’s start with four, since that’s how old she turned last month!

1. To Teach Her Humility

Just because Caitlynn is very fortunate, I don’t want her to think she’s better than anyone else. Through volunteering, she can serve others and learn that she doesn’t have to brag about the good she does. Instead, her happiness can come simply by helping others out. Humility comes from a source of strength. Caitlynn will be confident without being conceited.

2. To Teach Her Gratitude and Generosity

Caitlynn attends a preschool located inside of the children’s museum. Everyday, she paints pictures in the art studio, watched a performance in the theater or interacts with a fun, educational exhibit. Unfortunately, not all kids have access to such activities. I want her to know she is truly blessed. And I want her to bless others who are less fortunate. To demonstrate this, I signed up to be a mentor with Amachi, an organization that pair adults with children of incarcerated children. I requested to be matched with someone around Caitlynn’s age. We now explore the city with a child who may not have otherwise visited awesome attractions.

3. To Teach Her That She May Be Small But She is Fierce

I want Caitlynn to know that she can make a BIG difference as a little kid. She doesn’t have to donate a lot of money either. She can give her time, which is something we all have. This will also allow Caitlynn to feel needed and more in control of what happens in the world.

4. To Teach Her to Work With Others

Yes, she’s fierce at four, but she can make an even greater impact by working with others. Plus, she’ll learn how to cooperate with others, even those she may not even like!


Hey DFTM Fam–Why do you want your little ones to give back? What types of volunteer activities are you doing together?


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    You’re such a great mom to start teaching these lessons and approaching these subjects with your daughter at such a young age. And I love when companies make it easy for consumers to give back! #client


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