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When I first became a mother, I planned elaborate photo shoots with my daughter.  I hoped to capture every moment, every memory on film.  I was absolutely amazed that I played a part in creating this lovely little person and wanted to document her journey here on earth.  I had a schedule.  She would get her pictures taken every three months–and that’s just counting professional photos.  I would spend hours selecting outfits, booking appointments and picking proofs.  I was disappointed when she refused to smile, fought me over wardrobe changes or didn’t be bothered.   I spent hundreds of dollars on photography sessions, and after exhausting my energy and money, I ended up placing the pictures in a drawer, forgetting to distribute them to all of our family members.  And as time went on, I didn’t stick to the schedule.  Sometimes we took photos back-to-back.  Other times we went months without posing for a picture.  And you know what?  My favorite photo is one that wasn’t planned!  I  hardly had on any  makeup, and it was late at night on her first birthday.  My talented cousin lit the picture beautifully.

Now, I don’t follow a calendar.  I schedule Christmas card shoots, but other than that, we live life, snapping shots when we feel like it.  This morning, a friend of mine, Joanne Wallington, who’s beautiful family is featured in this story, reminded me that you can’t control family photography.  Here’s a simple way to get a shot without getting stressed.


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(Photos Courtesy: Danae Hampton)


Hey DFTM family, how are you making your Christmas cards extra special?  Got any photography tips?



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8 Responses

  1. Janeane Davis

    I have found that the best photographs are candid shots of events that we want to remember rather than in a professional photographic environment.

  2. Sheri

    I LOVE candid shots. I find that they say more about the relationships of the subjects than the posed shots do.

  3. Tomika

    My family is overdue for a photo shoot. I was frantic about pics as the kids were growing up especially with my first child. At this point the kids only have school pics and the ones that I have taken with my camera. Adding it to the calendar now:)

    • newmom0608

      Me too! There’s always next year–or the host of holidays in between! I ran out of time and took my daughter to get a picture with Santa instead.

  4. MELISASource

    These photos are so cute! I have never ever done a family photo before for Christmas cards before. Every year I say I’m gonna do it but every time I don’t! LOL Maybe next year! 😀

    • newmom0608

      I had professional pictures of my daughter taken last year, but this year, we went and got a photo with Santa. I would like to have a photo shoot with her soon. This family encourages me to get family photos anytime of the year. The holidays get so hectic, and I always put it off. Perhaps I’ll get them down for Valentine’s Day.


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