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On an average day, many moms juggle jobs, husbands, children, car pools, cooking and more. So if you throw in a move, it can throw off their entire month. That’s what happened recently when I decided to pack up and move in with my parents. I didn’t realize how much (hidden) stuff I owned. Take my front closet for instance, where holiday decorations hibernate. Or, perhaps pull out the drawers under my bed. Sounds like a nifty space solution, but I ended up saving all the papers I couldn’t part with. Not junk mail, but rather every piece of paper I received at the hospital when I gave birth, every picture I ever printed and every art project I didn’t dare throw away when Caitlynn was awake.

Before I moved, I had to organize and purge. Follow this checklist to pack up their house, even if your schedule is packed.

Six Weeks Before The Move

Before I moved, I wanted to ensure that I took only items I actually used. So, I embarked on a mission to clear the clutter in my closets. I donated clothes and household items—some brand new but collecting dust—to the Free Store, a consignment store without price tags for neighbors in need in Braddock and Wilkinsburg. I also tossed out old art projects from Caitlynn’s preschool class, keeping only a few precious pieces. If you can’t part with your child’s crafts and coloring pages, take a picture! You can preserve the memory through your camera phone. We also downsized the toy room. Caitlynn is really good at giving things away. She even asked to give a couple new toys to kids who may not have anything to play with at their homes. This is also a good time to put aside the toys your child plays with on a regular basis. You can avoid many meltdowns by not mixing up a favorite teddy bear in the boxes at the back of your moving truck!

Five Weeks Before The Move

Contact Guardian Storage to rent your storage unit and reserve a free moving truck. You can rent a small unit for a few boxes and personal items, like photo albums, important paperwork or even your wedding dress that’s taking up too much closet space. Or, you can scale up and rent a unit that holds items from your entire house, everything from your bedroom set and dining room table to your children’s playroom and kitchen appliances. Based on your budget, you can select a space with climate control, drive up access or a standard storage. Be sure to check the website for online specials.

Four Weeks Before The Move

Start packing! If you’re a working mom like me, there are a limited number of hours that you can devote to packing. I split the house into fours. One week, I packed up the dining room—don’t worry, you can eat on tray tables. The next, I packed up my living room, minus the couch and television. I then emptied the closets and cabinets, leaving out the necessary clothing and items to get through the final weeks. Lastly, I packed up my bathroom and toiletries. Along the way, I ran out of moving supplies. Guardian Storage offers moving and packing items, like tape and bubble wrap. You can pick up boxes at your neighborhood convenience and wine and spirit stores.

Three Weeks Before The Move

Book a babysitter! Although my daughter helped pack boxes, she unfortunately would be in the way—and in harm’s way—on moving day. I asked my mother if she could babysit during the move. That way, I could focus on what box went where. Since I moved in with my parents, I put the bulk of my belongings in a unit at Guardian Storage, but I also took several boxes to my new residence.

Two Weeks Before The Move

Forward your mail! You can now request a change of address online. You’ll get a welcome kit with lots of coupons; so don’t buy big items until after your move! Don’t forget to change your address for other agencies, like your bank, your state election office and the IRS. Also, be sure to disconnect services, like your cable and landline. This is also a good time to check in with your movers, to make sure you’re still on the schedule. If you are hiring a cleaning service, at your old or new location, be sure to confirm this appointment as well. Now is also a good time to notify your employer of the change, to update payroll records.

One Week Before The Move

Enjoy your current home! Your children may miss their old place, so take time to enjoy your space. Caitlynn and I went to the park across the street, fed the ducks at the pond, threw coins into the fountain and made wishes. We also walked to our favorite Thai restaurant for dinner and picked up the famous chocolate chunk brownies at the coffee shop for dessert.

Hey DFTM Fam—What advice would you give to a busy mom preparing for a big move?

You can find out more about storing your belongings, even if you’re not moving, by visiting Guardian Storage’s website, Facebook and Twitter channels.

Disclosure: Diary of a First Time Mom is proud to partner with Guardian Storage to chronicle my journey to home ownership. Some form of compensation has been received, however all opinions remain my own. 

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