Problem: Thrush

Thrush is a pretty common occurrence  in infants that causes irritation in and around their mouths. It may look like your baby has white patches on his/her mouth or tongue. Thrush is triggered by the overgrowth of  yeast. Your baby may have been exposed to yeast through your vaginal delivery or an antibiotic you received after a C-section. Many babies don’t show any signs of having thrush, but may be uncomfortable when breastfeeding. They may not nurse very well, because they are experiencing soreness in their mouths.  Symptoms of thrush infection:

  • Your nipples appear bright red or pink and feel itchy
  • A burning, stinging pain while nursing
  • Your baby may be fussy and not nurse well
  • Your baby has patches of white in his/her mouth that don’t wipe off
  • Your baby has a bright red diaper rash

If you suspect thrush infection, contact your baby’s pediatrician. If your baby has thrush, both you and your little one must receive treatment, otherwise the yeast will pass back and forth. Treatment usually last at least two weeks.

Solution: Thrush Treatment

  • Nystatin cream (an anti-fungal agent) to be applied to your nipples after feeding and areola for about 10  days.
  • Nystatin drops to be swabbed inside your baby’s cheeks and mouth after feeding for about 10 days.
  • Anti-fungal diaper cream to help clear up diaper rash.
  • If the cream is not working, your doctor may recommend trying a course of oral medication called Diflucan for 14 days (sometimes longer).
  • Gentian violet, a dye that when comes into contact with yeast and kills it, may be recommended. This is a messy proposition but can work effectively if nothing else is working. It involves using a cotton swab to paint     the inside of the baby’s cheeks and mouth. Check with your health care provider for tips on safe and effective use!
  • A vinegar rinse—one tablespoon of white vinegar in one cup of water. Rinse nipples and allow to air dry. You    can also use this on the baby’s diaper rash.
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