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Last year, Ayanna Jackson received a dozen red roses on her job, and when she got off of work, she went out to dinner to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. She wasn’t caught off guard by the Valentine’s Day bouquet, especially since her husband Terrance expressed his love with flowers year after year. But this year, something else surprised her. Ayanna had a very special delivery and became a mom.

Valentine's Day Roses

Recently, I asked Ayanna, owner of Three One Three Photography in Washington, D.C.,  to review  the Playtex® Diaper Genie SmartCaddy™ and share how she and her husband our celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as parents.

Heather: Did you always want to become a mom?


Ayanna: I can’t honestly say that I pined away to be a mother. I knew I wanted children, but being married first and enjoying my husband was higher on my priority list. When  I pushed 40, I knew we didn’t have a whole lot of time to try to get pregnant. It was scary to think of all that could go wrong heath wise. But once I found out I was having a girl, the news calmed my nerves and the journey to motherhood became real for me. 

Heather: Compare your pre and post baby Valentine’s Day plans.

Ayanna: This Valentine’s Day is definitely a change with the baby. No more elaborate plans! Our church is hosting a marriage retreat about how to make marital sex better, and we’re both off on Monday for Presidents’ Day. Unfortunately we don’t have any baby sitters in town. Terence is making reservations at a family friendly restaurant with high chairs and changing tables for our first family Valentine’s Day. A change but a blessing.

Playtex Baby Mom Trust Review

Heather: What mommy gifts would you like to receive this Valentine’s Day? What would help you make life more organized and give you more time to relax?

Ayanna: As a mom, I’d really like a few days off work to take care of me. I have a gift card to a spa that I never have time to use. Housekeeping services would be nice! Relaxation and organization are priorities. Definitely a change from what I’d ask for before baby! The Playtex Baby® Diaper Genie SmartCaddy™ keeps my living room in order, which is important since it’s turning into a play room! Restocking is easy, because the caddy neatly stores a lot of products. And the best part is I, a sleep deprived mom, don’t have to run up to the nursery or down to the garage to get supplies.

Heather: What’s your favorite feature on the Smart Caddy™? I like that it’s water resistant! I had one for Caitlynn that wasn’t, so after some wear and tear, I stopped using it. A&D ointment and lotion stained the material.

Playtex Diaper Genie Smart Caddy

Ayanna: The smaller pockets! It help me keep pacifiers, teething tablets, headbands, medicines, etc. in one place. Frequently when we are running out the door, we make a mad dash to stuff “just in case” items in a diaper bag. Now I’ve got a stack of diapers and changing products on hand. I’m also a stickler for matching headbands, so I keep a few in the caddy.

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Smart Caddie

Heather:  Would you recommend this product to other first time moms? Why or why not?

Ayanna: I’d definitely recommend the diaper caddy. Staying organized, especially when your baby starts venturing outside of the house more, is extremely helpful. I think this is really great for new moms, too, who are doing a lot more diaper changes at the newborn stage than I am with a 9-month-old. Both containers hold a good amount of diapers, depending on what brand you use. The caddy can store up 30 diapers. The cool part is the caddy comes with two sides, so it’s really easy to keep one upstairs and one downstairs, or right by the front door. I tend to restock everything on Saturday’s–baby bags, day care items, etc., so I can just add this to the list!

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Caddy Close Up

Heather: Your Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day that changed. I would never have imagined packing baby supplies on a Saturday!  So speaking of diapers, do you have any funny changing stories to share? I recently took Caitlynn in a restaurant bathroom to change her pull up, and an elderly woman was in the stall beside the changing table.  Let’s just say she was a very noisy neighbor! Caitlynn kept yelling, Eww mommy, somebody’s tooting! Yucky!

Ayanna: Ha! Out of the mouths of babes. One day, we were shopping at a department store. My baby girl had an upset tummy. My husband, Terence, was diligent enough to volunteer change her, and had packed the diaper bag, but when she had a blow out, he realized the limitations of men’s rooms with a baby girl! Lots of paper towels later, he had to buy her another outfit in the store!

Heather: Well, I guess now you gotta add an extra outfit to your list of items to restock on the weekend! Thank you for sharing your story and Happy (family-friendly) Valentine’s day!  Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone! At least the house is neat with the Playtex Baby® Diaper Genie SmartCaddy™!

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  1. SippyCupMom

    Great interview! Her last story reminded me I should put an extra outfit in my caddy, there is enough room for it!

  2. neiddy

    I’ve been changing diapers for the past 10 years, I think the day I stop It’s gonna be weird. Right now I don’t have a diaper station which is why I need to win. Thanks for the chance.
    Leidy R rafflecopter

  3. karimah

    so i am a new mom…baby boy will be 3 months tomorrow, yaaay! but i am super afraid of changing him in public. i have avoided taking him to stores so far because of it. i ventured out this past weekend to BRU and a 1st bday party. i forced my mum to tag along to help in case i needed to change him. i ended up just doing it in my car!

  4. Marcelle Marie Alvarado
    Marcelle Marie Alvarado

    I have three kids and 2 in diapers. In my small 2bd place, I have 3 mini diaper stations but need to get them organized!!! After fighting with my toddler to let me lay her down, it’s such a pain to have to get up and get what I need if it’s missing (this usually happens with wipes), and risk her running around nakey and starting the chase of getting her down again.


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