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This year, Caitlynn is getting clothes for Christmas. Of course, Santa will leave toys under the tree, but in addition, Old Saint Nick will bring some new looks for the New Year. If your kids are anything like mine, shirts, shoes and dresses didn’t make an appearance on their wish lists. That’s why I logged onto Zutano’s website. The Vermont-based designer of children’s clothing, nursery bedding, décor, toys and furniture is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with colorful and creative prints. And I found five things that kids will want under the tree! Here’s how you can give the gift of fashion and imagination.

Go Grocery Shopping

Zutano Owl Purse

Caitlynn’s favorite activity is pretend play. She entertains herself for hours shopping throughout our apartment and whipping up delicious dinners at her kid kitchen. After she goes grocery shopping, I pretend I’m the cashier and scan her items. I swipe her credit card–old hotel keys or expired American Express cards. With this little cat purse, she can keep her cards, coins and other treasures in one place. It’s also the perfect bag to take when we go this little kiddy goes to the real life market.

Walk in the Jungle

Walking in the Jungle

If you haven’t heard Super Simple Song’s hit Walking and the Jungle, add it to your You Tube playlist! The song marches a group of children through the jungle filled with lions, tigers and bears. Your little one will fit right in wearing something from Zutano’s furry collection. The vests, jackets and suits are furry and fabulous! This piece even appeared on the cover on American Baby!

Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman

The more it snows the more my daughter and nephews want to play outside. I never think Caitlynn is warm enough, even when she’s sweating! This unisex bomber hat will keep her toasty while building a snowman in the dead of winter. The faux fur flaps Velcro under her chin. If she gets too warm, I can flip the flaps to the top of her head.

Pitch a Tent

Pitch a Tent

This summer, Caitlynn went camping with her father for the first time. She caught a fish, rode in a canoe and slept outside in a tent. Mommy on the other hand isn’t quite the great outdoorsman. Nevertheless, we have great fun camping out in our living room. Zutano’s Fox and Friends prints for boys are perfect picks for the camping theme. There are also animal items in the girls’ department.

Grow a Garden

Grow a Garden

Living in a sky rise has its ups and downs. We get a great view of the park, but we don’t get our own backyard. So to bring the outdoors indoors, we grow a little garden. Ok, it was a Chia Pet! Next, we’re going to try to grow our own herbs. This Bee My Friend loop shirshould give us some flower power to turn the seed into a crop!

Hey DFTM Fam—How are you sparking your child’s imagination with their winter wardrobe? What are your favorite pretend activities to play? Share your answer and enter to win a $100 gift card!

Disclosure: Diary of a First Time Mom partnered with Zutano to create this holiday wish list. Although some form of compensation was received, all opinions remain my own.

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  1. MJ

    Cute post. Funny the Hubs just said we should dress the kids up in their flannel PJs and roast marshmallows on our deck. I know Big Z would love to pretend she’s camping. Love the ideas you suggested.

  2. Shannon

    Thanks for all the good reads. Bray cant wait to see his lil girl! Happy holidays!

  3. Rana Jeree

    I am sparking their fashion sense by the things that they always make crafts with which is glitter! We love playing teacher together as well as doctor!

  4. mami2jcn

    My daughter loves to dress up like a kitten with a kitty hat and gloves set she has.

  5. jenmalonee

    I let me sons pick out what they want to wear sometimes, even if it doesn’t match I let them wear it sometimes. My kids like to just dance around and go on adventure hunts.

  6. Melody Arredondo

    My kids love to dress themselves. They are usually clashing but they get a lot of fun out of it. We love playing with old Halloween costumes (they love their old Buzz and Woody ones) and playing house together.

  7. kelly

    My daughter enjoys animal themes in her clothing such as dogs and cats. She likes to pretend she is a vet sometimes.


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