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I must admit.  I’m not a huge sports fans.  Perhaps it’s because I’m not very athletic.  My former high school sports start father had high hopes for his little girls.  When his first-born didn’t express an interest in athletics, he prayed his second daughter—me—would be his sports nut.  So, in 6th grade I signed up for a softball league.  I was drafted onto the Babes.  By the name alone, we should have known the season was going downhill from there.  We competed, and I use the word competed in the lightest way possible, with title teams like the Flames and the Hurricanes.  Our uniforms were pink, and white and our players would rather be at the shopping mall than the baseball field.  We never won a game that year, but we still took the trip to Dairy Queen and ate ice cream with our rivals.  Oh, I take that back.  We did “win” once when a team was disqualified for not having enough people show up for the game.  My dad gave up his hoop dream and supported my dream to become a television reporter.  I went on to manage the varsity track and field teams, mostly to see the cute boys in shorts and tank tops.


Despite my lack of interest in athletics, I am glued to NBC’s Olympic coverage.  I cheer on our Olympians and scream even louder for the moms winning medals.  As a single working mom, it’s hard finding time to sleep let alone work out.  So, I applaud Kara Goucher running a home with a 22-month-old while running a marathon.  Here’s a photo gallery of the Olympic mamas and why they inspire me to be a better mom.


Amy Acuff, Team USA high jumper and mother of daughter, Elsa, 2, motivate me to jump for the moon as a mom.  Even if I miss, I’ll land on a star!


(Photo Courtesy: Beaumont Enterprise)



Kristin Armstrong, Team USA cyclist and mother of son, Lucas, 23 months, inspire me to keep pedaling through life, even when it seems to be an uphill battle.


(Photo Courtesy: Associated Press)



Lashinda Dumas , Team USA hurdler and mother of twin sons Dontay and Duaine, 5, teach me that I can overcome all the hurdles on the path of single mommyhood through focus and determination.


(Photo Courtesy: The State: South Carolina’s Homepage)



Kara Goucher, Team USA marathoner and mother of son, Colton, 22 months, inspire me to keep running toward my goal, even if the end seems far away at times.


(Photo Courtesy:



Tayyiba Haneef-Park, Team USA indoor volleyball player and mother of son, AJ, 2, encourage me to set my daughter up for success by expanding her cultural horizons and traveling the world.


(Photo Courtesy Jennifer Pottheiser)



Kerri Walsh Jennings, Team USA beach volleyball player and mother of sons, Joseph, 3, and Sundance, 2 remind me that even when your team only has two members (that’s the number of players on a beach volleyball squads), you can still play to win.


(Photo Courtesy: Marcelo Del Pozo/Rueters)



Chaunte Lowe, Team USA high jumper and mother of daughters Jasmine, 4, and Aurora, 14 months to jump for joy to celebrate my daughter’s first words, first steps, first day of school and every accomplishment in between.


(Photo Courtesy: Running Bums Blogspot)



Candace Parker, Team USA basketball player and mother of daughter, Lailaa, 3 teach me the alternating-possession rule of co-parenting and to pass the ball to my daughter’s dad.


(Photo Courtesy:



Christie Rampone, Team USA soccer player and mother of daughters, Rylie, 6, and Reece, 2, encourages me to “breakaway” when I need to kick it with friends and remember I am not only a mom but a woman as well.


(Photo Courtesy:



Danielle Scott-Arruda, Team USA indoor volleyball player and mother of daughter, Julianne, 2, teaches me to take a (potty) break to put my kids first and career second.


(Photo Courtesy Jennifer Pottheiser)



Mickey Kelly, Team USA Pentathlon member and mother of daughter, Lily, 9 months, teach me that I am much stronger than I think.


(BTW, Kelly breastfed her baby on the bus between fencing and swimming between the fencing and swimming events in the five-event sport that also includes equestrian and a combined cross-country running and shooting segment.)


(Photo Courtesy: Huffington Post)



Aretha Thurmond, Team USA discus thrower and mother of son, Theo, 5 inspire me not to throw in the towel or throw up my hands when the stresses of motherhood bear down.


(Photo Courtesy:  The Examiner)


DFTM family, what Olympic mama inspires you the most? 

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