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Every pregnant woman should be pampered in some way. But sometimes, a spa day just isn’t enough. A babymoon is in order! I travel at least four times a year, and my bulging belly wasn’t going to ground me when I was pregnant. So, I decided to take a romantic trip with my husband. Babymoons are most commonly described as pre-baby vacations for expectant parents. But it can also be taken shortly after the birth to spend quality time together as a family. At 5 ½ months in, my husband and I went to Secrets Vallarta Bay in Puerto Vallarta. Here’s how to plan a babymoon.

How to Plan a Babymoon

Pick a Place

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First, think about what kind of vacation you would like to go on before your family expands and what your body can handle. For example if you are prone to bloating or preeclampsia, you probably won’t want to fly anywhere that incorporates a layover or long drive. I love the beach and all-inclusive resorts. Although I couldn’t drink the free alcohol, I did down of all the smoothies and food I could digest! Set your expectations before you decide on your trip. You and your partner may enjoy hiking, but the excursion may not be within your limitations. A babymoon can be your opportunity to get in those last few adventures but you don’t want to do anything that may cause you or your baby harm. Other places to consider: A weekend getaway at the cottage, a spa day in town, a stay-cation in a nearby downtown hotel with a spa, a bed and breakfast, a ski resort, an extended train ride or a 1-2 day cruise. Many hotel chains, resorts and budget travel sites have babymoon promotions, so keep an eye out!

Create an Itinerary

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Every vacation should include something spontaneous, but to avoid stress or boredom, you should create some sort of itinerary. The first thing on my schedule was a massage. I researched if the spa offered prenatal options. The second activity on the list was a facial. I had serious pregnancy acne in my first trimester, and it needed professional attention. Third was a pedicure, since I could no longer reach my toes. Whatever you book, be sure to check with the spa and determine if it’s safe. For instance, hydrotherapy may be too hot, too cold or too much pressure for you to handle. Even if you’re not bearing a baby bump, be sure to share with the hotel staff that you are an expectant mother. After pampering, my husband and I enjoyed time together. We took long walks on the beach and cooled off in the swimming pool. We also had time to chill out. I propped myself up with about ten pillows, spread out on the oversized bed and ordered room service. If you’re seeking quiet time before the crying kicks in, a local bed and breakfast will offer a serene setting. Plus, the home cooking will be just what your craving called for.

Book a Photo Shoot

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My husband and I decided to take advantage of the free one hour sunset photo shoot with Adventure Photos.   The perk is offered at all AMResorts locations. We had more than 200 pictures to choose from and created our own package with a CD and a hardcover photo album. When your baby grows up, you can share the memories with him and even book a return trip to get a family photo.

Pack a Bag

Comfortable was the theme of my suitcase. I wanted to ensure that my pregnancy symptoms didn’t stop us from having a good time. So I packed compression socks, flowing summer dresses and lots of comfortable shoes. I purchased a maternity swimsuit for floating fun in the resort’s pools. I brought along my Kindle for poolside reading. I also packed my prenatal chart and vitamins. Make sure you bring along clothes that accomodate weather changes or expanding waistlines.

Schedule a Dr.’s Appointment

Make sure you are cleared by your doctor or midwife to take a trip before you book one. There are many conditions that you may need to consider. For instance, you shouldn’t fly after you are 36 weeks. If you are nearing that point, you may want to request a permission to travel letter from your doctor. If you are booking a flight, select a seat in an exit row or aisle seat or near the bathroom. Avoid the last row, since the seat doesn’t recline. My best advice–have fun! My husband enjoyed the all inclusive bar. I found what I wanted to eat at the buffet or in the room service menu. We got some sun and really appreciated our time together. We’ll tell our baby boy Jacob all about it on our next babymoon when we take him to Costa Rica.

Hey DFTM Fam–If you could take a trip anywhere in the world while pregnant, where would you go? If you need some babymoon ideas and affordable options, email me at or contact me via Facebook at Latitude Concierge Travels.

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