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Dear Diary,

At first, I didn’t know what was going on. Just when I had my baby sleeping through the night, she started randomly crying and was inconsolable! Everything that had soothed her in the past couldn’t calm her now. Luckily my mom was staying with us at the time and quickly identified the problem and taught me how to soothe a teething baby.

Teething typically begins around the age of 6 months. If your baby is drooling more than usual, chewing on solid objects and is abnormally irritable or cranky, then chances are she’s teething. I have two daughters and was able to figure out what was happening much quicker the second time around. Each of my little girls responded differently, so I finding a remedy that worked was somewhat of a trial and error process. Here are top teething tips:

1. Teething Treats

There are many edible solutions to soothing a teething child. Some hard foods that soothe gums are whole grain bagels, carrots and cucumbers. Be sure to always supervise your baby and cut the food in large pieces.  Sugar-free frozen fruit cups and

popsicles also ease the pain.

2. Cold Wash Cloth

This old-fashioned solution has worked well for both of my girls, and at no additional cost! Simply run some cold water over a wash cloth and place in the refrigerator to chill. Babies love the relief that sucking on the cold wash cloth provides, and it’s quick and easy to prepare.

3. Teething Rings

There is a wide array of choices whenever it comes to teething rings. The truth of the matter is you may have to purchase quite a few before finding the one that best soothes your baby. Some pacifiers can be chilled or frozen, while others can be used immediately out of the package. If your child enjoys sucking on your hand, there are hand-shaped teethers available for purchase. Bite and bristle teethers also massage your baby’s gums and give you the option of squeezing a pain reliever gel onto the bristles.

4. Teething-friendly Objects

There are several objects that babies naturally gravitate towards whenever they are teething. Pacifiers, nipple bottles and toothbrushes are some objects that can soothe teething infants. The objects are an even better soothing tool when


5. Over-the-Counter Medicines

Of course, there are those days when nothing seems to help. As a last resort, I contacted my child’s pediatrician and inquired about over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen to help soothe babies during extreme teething pain.

6. Lots of Love

Provide plenty of love and a comfortable environment. Gently rub your baby’s gums with clean hands. Rock your baby back to sleep. And sing to your child or play a lullaby.

Hey DFTM Fam–What solutions did you find for your baby’s teething troubles? I’ve heard teething tablets and amber stones work for some babies, but I have not tried them. 

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Denise is a married mom raising a 2-year-old and 6-month-old daughter in Pittsburgh, PA. She writes about the joys and challenges that come along with motherhood and how to foster a love of learning within your child. She loves being a mom, because it is a job uniquely and divinely designed for you to provide your children with the foundation they need to be the best person they can be. When not writing for DFTM, Denise blogs and hosts her podcast at

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