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Dear Diary,

This school year, I plan to move to the head of the class when it comes to organization and preparation. Last year, even though I served as the PTA president, I fell short of the Mom of the Year title. I know I don’t have to be a perfect parent, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do better. There are a few areas I need to improve my grade in. If I am more prepared, I will be less stressed! At one point, Caitlynn ran around the apartment on a search mission. I asked why she looked so panicked, she said, I’m you mommy. I’m looking for my car keys! After that incident, I bought a hook to hang my keys on as soon as we come in the door. That one small change made a big difference in getting to school on time.

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Here’s how to prepare for preschool. Your child is guaranteed to arrive on time and ready to learn.

Make Breakfast at Night

Caitlynn’s school serves breakfast, but she doesn’t always like what’s on the menu. So, I make sure she has something on her stomach every morning. We recently made Shamrock Farms snacks together, which are great on-the-go breakfast options. We picked up several bottles of milk in the dairy display aisle at Walmart for only a dollar a piece, which was a pleasant surprise since the milk is pure with no added hormones.

Shamrock Farms Dairy Aisle

Then we visited the Shamrock Farms website for quick and easy recipes. The snacks are also delicious and nutritious. The best part—you can prepare the food at night., and your child can help out in the kitchen.

Shamrock Farms Fruit Kabobs

First, we made fruit kabobs, Caitlynn selected the fruit she wanted to put on her skewer. She ate some of the blueberries, raspberries and grapes along the way. We also purchased pineapples, but it didn’t make the cut. We paired it with Shamrock Farms whole regular milk.

Shamrock Farms Protein Popsicle Smoothies

Shamrock Farms Protein Popsicle Smoothies 2

If you crave something sweeter, try the Protein Popsicle Smoothies recipe. You only need four ingredients! And you can drink what doesn’t fit in the Popsicle molds.

If your little one likes cereal, fruit bars will hit the spot! It’s packed with peanut butter, honey, whole grain cereal and dried fruit. Get the recipe here. You can also whip up banana rolls or healthy s’mores.

Develop a Routine

Bath Time

We practice the Three B’s Technique—bath, brush and book. You may have heard about it if you watch America’s Supernanny. After Caitlynn takes a bath and brushes her teeth, she picks out a book. In the past, I let her stretch out story time. We would read several titles. But this year, we’ll read only one. After the book, we say our prayers—she lists everyone she loves. Sometimes we’ll put on classical music. She has a Disney alarm clock that plays songs and projects pictures on the wall. We then hug, kiss and snuggle.

Set Out Outfits & Pack Book Bag

Pack Book Bag

This is where I need to do better! I always scramble to coordinate clothes, find a missing shoe or pack Caitlynn’s book bag in the morning. This year, I plan to iron her clothes and set out her shoes for the entire week. I’ll also ensure she has everything she needs in her book bag—sometimes we misplaced flashcards and folders.

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5 Responses

  1. Janeane Davis

    As the wife of 1 and mother of 4, I have learned that preparing in advance and keeping everything in its place makes life easier. Also, when everything goes to heck, cut yourself a break!

  2. Michelle

    I can’t believe it’s coming so soon. It’s bittersweet because it’s my oldest child’s first day of high school and my baby girl starts preschool – the last of the bunch. She’s excited so that makes a difference. I love the tips you shared. I definitely am going to try the Bath, Brush, Book technique with my younger two. Bedtimes are atrocious around these parts. We are going to try and set out our outfits for the week and delegate breakfast duties to my older two. I’m working on setting up a command center to help us keep everything in one place.

  3. Heather Hayes Panjon

    We Are Prepping By Getting Into A Routine.. Early Sleep Time Is A Must. Creating A Lunch Menu Is On Our List Too.

  4. Amber Campbell

    We are preparing for preschool by talking about the school, friends, and teachers. Also, purchasing supplies like clothes, lunch items, and supplies.


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