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Tomorrow, my little baby–correction, my big girl as Caitlynn calls herself–is starting preschool tomorrow. I’ve heard moms say time flies and enjoy the moment, but I never thought I would be the one giving that advice.  That’s just what I told my blogging buddy Nae Carter from I Choose the Sun who recently became a first time mom and welcomed her daughter into the world. I’m still in shock about the start of school, but unfortunately I can’t freeze the hands of time. I can however reflect on my memories. That’s just what I did when I interviewed Nae about a couple Playtex Baby products she tried out. She reviewed Playtex® Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners and VentAire bottles.


The VentAire® is uniquely designed to reduce colic through a bottom venting system that helps reduce air ingestion. The angled bottle design promotes a semi-upright feeding position, recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. If you baby suffers infant acid reflux like my daughter did, this isn’t just a bottle–it’s a lifesaver!

Heather: Why did you decide to breastfeed your daughter? And how is it coming along?

Nae: Breast milk offers the best nutrition for her. The experience has been more challenging than I expected but well worth it. I love that I can provide nourishment to help my baby grow and share in a bonding experience. I hope to breastfeed for 18-months, but would be satisfied with a year.

Heather: Did you face any challenges, like low milk production, latching pain, etc.? If so, how are you overcoming any of those issues?

Nae: We faced several challenges. The first of which began when my baby was given formula by the NICU against my wishes. As a result, I second-guessed nature when my milk didn’t come in right away and feared that my low birth weight baby would starve. Upon coming home, I attempted to exclusively breastfeed, but I couldn’t shake my perception of low milk production and pumping was not effective. I drank Mother’s Milk tea and took fenugreek pills and brewer’s yeast all in an attempt to increase my production.  I don’t pump, but I do supplement with formula.


Heather: Did you feel guilty giving her formula? Some moms do. I didn’t want to make the switch when my daughter turned ten months old, however I underwent a surgery and took a prescription medicine. Looking back, I think I was too hard on myself! I did it for as long as I did, and that’s what mattered most!

Nae: Initially I felt guilty about not exclusively breastfeeding, but I’ve recently accepted that our situation is what is best for us. I am so grateful that my daughter continues to want to nurse.

Heather: You talked about why you love breastfeeding. What do you like about bottle feeding? I was happy to get in some extra sleep or me time at a girls night out event.

Nae: I like that bottle feeding allows my husband to have quality feeding time with her. I am fortunate to work from home, but on the occasion have to go into the office. When I do, my mom can feed her.


Heather: My daughter suffered from infant acid reflux, so she threw up a lot until I found a bottle that worked well for her sensitive stomach. Did your little have any problems like that or with colic?

Nae: Yes, our daughter had painful gas episodes for the first couple of months. We switched to a gentler formula, removed dairy from my diet and tried different bottles. In the end, her digestion became easier as her system matured.

Heather: What did you like or not like about the Playtex®  products?

Nae: I loved the angled bottle, and the vent for keeping the air away from the nipple. I also like the convenient and sanitary nature of the drop- in liners. I would definitely recommend the products to another first time mom.

Heather: The VentAire® is compatible with all Playtex® nipples and caps for greater feeding flexibility. It’s easy to mix and match bottles and nipples for the perfect combination that fits your babies evolving preferences. That’s scores points with a mom like me, who misplaces the different parts of sippy cups all the time.

I like the fact that the liners make cleaning so simple, especially when your feeding in public. So, I forgot to ask–how old is your little princess now, and does she enjoy feeding time?

Nae: Ameenah is 4-months. She was born April 10, 2014. She loves feeding time, she loves to eat whether bottle or breast. S he does not discriminate!

Heather: What feeding advice would you give other new moms?

Nae: Follow your child’s specific cues and don’t pressure yourself.

Heather: That’s so key! Sometimes new moms listen to everyone’s advice over our own intuition.

Hey DFTM Moms–What have you done to ease your little one’s colic? What are your must-have feeding products?

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