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When Krystle Gray’s daughter Summer turned three weeks old, she decided to go back to school. She enrolled in college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in child development. Her own child inspired her major. Becoming a mother, in her words, was an  overwhelming experience. But she strived to balance going to school, starting a business, having a family and caring for an infant born with a heart condition called SVT. Since staying organized is so essential to her success, I asked Krystal to review the Playtex™ SmartStand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex SmartSpace® Drying Rack.

Heather: Krystle, what is SVT? How does it impact your daughter’s health?

Krystle:  SVT causes a rapid heart rhythm. My daughter was medicated at birth and only had one episode since she being released from the hospital. When SVT attacks her, her breathing becomes erratic, and she becomes lethargic. Her lips and toes turn bluish purple, and her oxygen level decreases significantly. With her condition, it’s important to be organized and keep everything together in case we need to rush to the hospital if she were to suddenly get sick. 

Heather: Wow! I never heard of SVT, so thank you for educating me about the condition. So, what does a typical day with your princess look like?

Krystle: A typical day for me consists of caring for 6-month-old Summer, cleaning the house, going to school, completing homework assignments, studying, cooking dinner and trying to get a business started. With all that I am responsible for, organization is a priority for me. When I am not organized, things don’t get done as efficiently.


Heather: What happens when you’re disorganized? Does it throw you off? Cause additional stress?

Krystle: I can’t function if there is clutter. My focus goes off of what I was tending to, and I get side tracked trying to straighten up. It causes additional stress, because I then try to rush and get everything done. I like to have everything neat and in its place. My closet is color coordinated as are my daughter’s onesies and clothes. Most recently, I haven’t been as organized as I like to be. There have been times when items were put anywhere just to get them out of sight. That’s definitely due to a lack of time!

Heather: Do you have any tips and tricks? You may not be as organized as you would like, but you got me beat! I wish my closet was color coded!

Krystle: I rely heavily on lists. I write a list for almost everything. I have gotten into a schedule where the beginning of each month, I take a day and deep clean everything. That allows me to arrange those things that I slacked off on and get some order back.

Heather: How has the Playtex™ SmartStand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex SmartSpace® Drying Rack decluttered your kitchen?



Krystal:  I love Lid Organizer and Drying Rack! Prior to receiving them, all of my baby supplies were stored in a bulky bin that took up a lot of counter space. Now I have more space on my counter, and it’s not such an eye sore.

Heather: Would you recommend these Playtex products to other first time moms?

Krystal: Yes, definitely! Both items are both easy to assemble and clean, and both are compact enough to not take up my entire counter. I especially love that the mat that comes with the Drying Rack is machine washable. The products are major conveniences and time savers.

Heather: Thank you Krystal for doing a Diary of a First Time Mom and Playtex Baby® review! To help other new moms find new ways to stay organized, I’m giving away ten sets of he Playtex™ SmartStand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex SmartSpace® Drying Rack! Just enter the giveaway below!

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  1. Marcelle Marie Alvarado
    Marcelle Marie Alvarado

    Organizing bottles, sippy cups and their many parts has been one of the biggest headaches! After 3 kids, I think I’ve finally got a decent system down but there is always room for improvement!

  2. Chaton Turner

    This looks like a great system for those who struggle with organizaiton, like me!

  3. LaToya MsIvy Maddox

    This looks like a great system! All of my bottles, cups, lids, nipples, and etc dry on towels on the kitchen counter then stored in a plastic basket.

  4. Joyce Brewer

    I’m with Krystle. I need lists, lists and more lists to get things done.
    This bottle system looks helpful!


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