Dear Diary,


When I became a single mother, I became a super hero. I received special powers long before my baby was born. Super strength and super courage enabled me to carry another human being inside my stomach for nine plus months. I don’t recall any comic book characters possessing this amazing ability. After giving birth, I transformed into a more gentle, kindhearted,= and selfless person; all adjectives used to describe Superman at one time or another. Well, I was that way when my hormones weren’t raging! Instead of a cape, I wore a nursing bra. And instead of Superman’s signature forehead curl, I sported a mommytail. I hereby challenge the Man of Steel and his famous friends to a battle: Superheroes vs. Supermoms.

Batman: Batman may combat crime in Gotham City, but he’s no match for single mothers fighting off germs, strangers and other dangers on a daily basis. The Caped Crusader’s sidekick, Robin, runs in the opposite direction when face-to-face with our army of supporters made up of grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.


Superman: Superman is known for his super strength, however single moms use their mega muscles to stretch a dollar beyond belief. They pay their mortgage, electric, water, cable and grocery bills, and then get back change.  They use their coupon clipping powers to stock their shelves with big bargains.  Superman can see through objects with his X-ray vision, and Supermoms can see through their children when they lie about completing a homework assignment, eating their broccoli or cleaning their rooms.


The Green Lantern: Single moms may not have a ring on their finger like this superhero, but we do have a force field stronger than the Green Lantern’s. Our embrace protects our children from harm.  Our hugs and kisses transfer affection onto our little ones.


The Flash: The fastest man alive moves at a snail’s pace when racing Supermoms.  We cook, clean and carpool at the speed of light, and apply makeup, shower and change clothes in the blink of an eye.  We’ve also been known to swoop in before children fall down, scrape their knees or break bones.


Aquaman: Aquaman can communicate with sea life, but Supermoms can speak an ever more complex language: co-parent-ese. They bite their tongues, manage conflicts and promote peace –all while raising kids under separate roofs. With impenetrable skin like Aquaman’s, an ex’s rude remarks roll off a single mom’s back.


Comic characters should run and hide, because they’re no match against real life Single Supermoms!  Whether you’re a single mom or not, you possess super human abilities.  What’s your superpower?

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Not long ago, Heather Hopson hosted a television show in the Cayman Islands. Today, she's back home writing a different kind of story as a new mom. In her 15 years working as a professional journalist, this by far is her best assignment! Growing up, she dreamed of becoming Oprah Winfrey. She was the features editor for her school’s newspaper and a teen talk show host for her city’s most popular radio station. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Michigan State University. After graduation, she worked as a television producer and reporter at CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates throughout the U.S. Instead of heading to Chicago to join Ms. Winfrey on her set, she bought a plane ticket to the Cayman Islands instead. She arrived five days before a category five hurricane! She lived in paradise for seven years, hosted an award-winning television show and traveled the globe with a government delegation. She also served on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters and spearheaded a Send a Kid to Camp campaign. Then, she relocated to Washington, D.C. to obtain a teaching certification and instruct 8th grade reading at a high needs middle school. She later returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to raise her daughter Caitlynn, now 4-years-old. During her 10-month-stint as a stay-at-home mom, Caitlynn inspired her to create this blog, and Diary of a First Time Mom was born on Mother’s Day 2012. Two years later, she expanded the family to include 20+ writers. Currently, Heather serves as the communications director at Allies for Children. In addition, she is the owner of Motor Mouth Multimedia, which ranked #49 in Startup Nation’s Home-Based 100 Competition sponsored by Discover Card and Sam’s Club. Recently, The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments selected Heather to receive an Emerging Black Artist award to develop Diary of a First Time Mom.

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